Rolling tears made the heart and mind speak.

All was ok then why is it that you are so restless why this fast paced beats

I felt you had got it all figured and weren’t we both in sync

It’s all confusing now and are we going to once again be in variance

After all the speaking was done in a kind voice and calmer beats she replied

Its going to take some time but don’t you worry soon we’ll get there stronger and steadier…..

Just feeling a little low while I decided I wont, but I need not be so harsh on myself I suppose. I am still a new born and it takes some time to mature 🙂



12 thoughts on “Reassurance

  1. I liked living with this felllow – he had a line going that maturity was only a function of giving up on it. oh so many nights we’d giggle about how mature we were that day. don’t mature obviously. 😉 – i see underneath this a mention of coffee. i like the coffee and am of course reminded of another roommate -how we’d make midnight maki as i could- unagi and carrot because i wont admit to making maki mightily but ahh spicy tuna or unagi, I was lucky once with my hands- a cup nuked of rice wine/sugar/ rice wine vinager more sugar drizzled over a warm bowl of sticky rice glazed and formed. bites of the best and then four am corrected coffees christamas season…his ascaso dream orange belting out espressos mixed/corrected with grasshoppers to chocolate blackberries while we so “corrected’ could any longer name the principal expectations of the world of coffee varietals any longer. I original to that era thought a mai tai was a drink involving the taste of oranges and almonds to make if correct an appley taste…the proper claim to a maitai is passion fruit syrup and two rums darks and lights…a far different taste altogether obviously…but at that time I could substantiate my ignorance… i asked for it a solid decade at coffee joints and now i’ll be hard pressed to find a place with orange syrup and almond syrup at the same time. I also had a niccaraguan with it’s dulcet apple tones from target so the point’s pretty much moot anyways….coffee. I dig the russian imperial beer and forgive me if you’re not yet of age, i barely know you. duh, you are better off waiting on the stuff. but it isn’t because i don’t find it fun, just because it’s also inclusive of troubles which you don’t need. coffee. kenyan is reminiscent of blackberries within a lemon unlike any other of the rift valley into yemen which otherwise all are some tone only lemons. thai and it’s clove or white pepper? java for the other spices? have you started across the world in coffee? my favorite not because it was good but precisely because it wasn’t was when i hit an east europe market and got this one fromkosovo. it almost was flowery then something wrong tasting off. it just was a delight to endure a coffee a treat to someone else and remenisce to the no one else around that this is what I could expect there. a robbery of coffee but that with a paste and i would not care. do you also believe in dumplings or at least pemeni? mmm that stuff.. pelmeni “little ears” from whatever eastern european – with cabbage- honest don’t gamble! you will survive the tour of the world so long as you ask for what is seemingly crap so you don’t have to eat a horse bag of sunflower kernals or other dietary fiber to avoid what happens when you get food too far from home. cabbage pelmeni and crap kosovo coffee. a taste of home from which i’ve never lived save in echoes.

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  2. The path to maturity is filled with every kind of beat of the heart and mind, but there in-between the beats, we find rest and strength:) Sometimes the beat is so fast and so loud everything is drowned in its rhythm, but suddenly we realize that we are dancing in the midst of the song.

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