Thank you….

For the acceptance and denial Thank You,

For all the understandigs and misunderstandings Thank You,

For the lovely sweet memories and difficult hurtful times Thank You,

For the trust you put in me and for the distrust u expressed Thank You,

For the heartfelt blessings and the painful curses Thank You,

For the togetherness and abandonments Thank You,

For moments of laughter trips and times holding back tears choked up Thank You,

For the feeling of being on the top of the world and the shock of being pushed down the mountain Thank You,

For I am great full to you “Oh beautiful days” as you keep me going and bring faith, belief, smiles, and  I would have never become humble, compassionate, accommodating, understanding and most importantly strong if you “Oh persistent trials” wouldn’t have held on to me for long long time 🙂

Gratitude is one thing that can lighten up anyone’s moment, someone’s day and you never know someone’s life….

This is to pass on a message to all you beautiful people, life may always be tough, busy and occupying, just don’t let it stop you from appreciating.

For we love appreciations and so do all others. So, surprise people with compliments, gratefulness, difference one may have made or just for a small gesture. Smile and keep feeling blessed


34 thoughts on “Thank you….

      1. Hey falak, that’s a beautiful name. I am little tech illiterate. Even with my blogs, I am intrigued how u guys add pictures. I am unsure how it is done too. Thank you I also learnt today about, about 😉

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      2. Before publishing post, look for the featured image tab. There you can add pictures on your posts. Also there is an option to add photos where you write. Happy Blogging


    1. Wow it’s all so overwhelming. I am glad I have u and u liked my writing. I’ll tell u a secret. U and all the amazing people appreciating my words are going to be my reason to write more and who knows some day the world would read my writings and hopefully i cud make a difference in many lives

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      1. I promise you if you make a difference today in one persons life it will carry you on to the next and then the next! You most certainly can make a positive difference in peoples lives! Just the fact that we are talking it over right now has set off a change reaction…the universe listens and your plan is already set into motion you know! ohh I just gave myself chills again hahaa!! that is just a good sign! So yes write more pour your heart out your words will reach far and wide!

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      2. 🙂 what about u, what time is it for u?. I am going to take a nap. Have coffee meet a friend and we’d probably be up all night chit chatting:) I am an owl that way.i sleep around 4 am as my work starts around 2.30 pm

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      3. it is almost 11am where I am time for me to pull myself away from writing my stories and get on with this eerie, rainy, awesome looking kind of a day! I have to make the most of it before winter hits haha! 🙂

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    1. Sorry I just have one blog. What do u mean by falak.there are many in my followers I am unsure of follow widget. May be if u scroll down n up on the right hand lower corner u wud find the following option


      1. Oh, so sorry; I see where I created confusion. Falak is TalkaholicMe. I went to her link (above) thinking this was you! 😉
        In your Admin section under Appearance you will find Widgets. There are many including a Follow Blog Widget, and a Follow Button Widget. The first allows followers by email, the second via the Reader. Hope this doesn’t confuse further! ~ You are a good writer. I’ve enjoyed the few posts I’ve read… 🙂

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  1. Hi durgakrishnan. I just take one day at a time and appreciate each moment. Thank you for wanting to follow my poetry adventures. Very interested in all things Paranormal! UFO’s! Conspiracy theories! Observing this crazy unstable and violent society! Writing is a passion that keeps me sane and alive! Great to meet you. #TheFoureydPoet.

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