Found my soul mate

I keep smiling for no reason,

That rush in me that keep wanting to be better.

No matter how the climate be its always feels like the best season,

No hardship seems difficult there is this throughout feeling of being a go getter.

Wondering who is this charming personality making me feel this way,

I know this person for over 32 years who never before had me sway.

I finally found my soul mate now and I found it in myself.

I am in a forever relationship with my beautiful self πŸ™‚


30 thoughts on “Found my soul mate

  1. aww I love this, just lovely…I am in fact in love with myself! I know people might think I’m kidding or maybe I’m crazy when I say it hahaa! but truly I wouldn’t want to be anyone other! ❀


      1. Yes I am glad as well! I embrace my uniqueness whole heartedly haha! I find the freedom I have to be myself might make others not understand how it is possible so I never take the crazy word personally hahaa! they are just scared or worried to much to live out loud…if they would only try it and take that first step they would see the magic in it dont you think?! Once you love yourself there is no turning back! the whole world is yours! thank you truly for your well wishes and the very same right back to you! πŸ™‚


      2. I have come from years of so much self loathing never knowing truly the damage I was doing to myself and then my daughter is really what pulled me out of it. The example I needed to set for her to assure she would grow up knowing how amazing she is I had no choice but to rethink everything about me. Once I did that just by picking out all that I liked about me the love just followed along. Soon all of my negative thoughts died and I had replaced them with all positives! and Yes! be freaked out hahaha! anything that might give you reason to feel excited is a good thing! What better thing to be excited over then spreading Joy?!!


      3. I am truly amazed with ur story I am proud of u and believe me I am sure u already know, this is so healing and strangely works in an awesome way for u. May b the law of attraction is true. The moment we start loving ourselves being positive we start experiencing more of that. Bless u n ur daughter.

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      4. Thank you for the blessing and such kind words. I believe with all of that I am in the law of attraction I have seen its power and its truth…we are magnets of this I have no doubt! Just typing this back to you has given me chills! I love it when that happens! πŸ™‚

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