Surprise surprise!

Don’t we all like pleasant surprises!

Here’s a surprise I have for you and me,

Life is going to be beautiful amazing and full of happiness and glee.

Wait! You don’t agree or believe me,

Let me take us through you and me.

Suffered pain experienced confusion encountered denial yet we smile and breathe,

The superpowers within that makes wrong right and difficult possible isn’t that proof enough already.

God or a supernatural power whatever that it may be,

We will always be reminded of how wonderful we are and what is meant to be, will be.

So, let the life play the game of winning and losing some we may face and some we would flee.

We will eventually find the answers and the purpose of everything that happens,

Till then enjoy the view and hold on when the ship goes through turbulence, For when the unsettled mind goes quiet we will find a way to sail through. Ahoy! Captains


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