A to Z journey stuck on J today Part 3


Siting alone she wonderd if her decision to let go off him was the right decision.

Truth be told given an option she wouldn’t mind living her chanting his name drowned in his love.

Universal conspiracy does apply when you are determined about something. However, the introduction was just about 10 odd years late leaving out just one option, “LET’S DEPART”

Vunerable they both could be today and it’s easy to give in to it, but as easy it could be they chose not losing the valuable individuals they were to eachother.

Wakeful times, teary eyes, unsettled minds may continue to be for sometime, but she promised him they could probably meet again with a new start.

X crossing eachother out could never be possible for either of them yet they are on their paths of ticking the acceptable the doable.

Yellow roses shall be share soon for red was not meant to be.

Zero hour awaits it’s beckon and they await to meet again on day one, soon! May be may be not time shall tell 🙂


6 thoughts on “A to Z journey stuck on J today Part 3

    1. Lol! I agree with you. I used it in like a metaphor 🙂 and found it closer to find a way to ryhme 😉 thank you dear to make time to read and comment hope you liked the post. Also I would love to hear feedback. Improvising is a continuous process and I love to improve 🙂

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