I find my strength in you mom.


Here I am complaining about petty things that didn’t go my way.

Little things that gets me low and the stubborn heart that won’t let go.

Only to see my mom prepared to celebrating valentine’s day with her husband.


(pic created by mom just a while ago and she sent it to me)

My mom is around 55ish and it’s been around 30 years I’ve lost my dad.

It gets better she was married for 6 years after which she put on her cape and was known as the best known Superwoman.

A wonder women who loved the love of her life for 6 years in his presence and about 25 years in his absence….

Don’t believe in true love??? Well you may want to rethink 🙂


58 thoughts on “I find my strength in you mom.

  1. This is real true amazing love and I’m grateful to your Mother who is a shining example of love to all out there who don’t believe in love. Everyday I hear of people who say there no such thing of love and it breaks my heart . I sit here and I wonder what is the world coming too and wonder as I look out my window and gaze towards the stars if there is love still out there. I often tell my heart if there not then why am I still here. Your Mother has brought tears of happiness to my eyes and made my heart beat once more knowing that love does still exist . Thank you bringing such a beautiful story of love to light. Thank you and most of thank your Mother for the love she bestows upon the one she loves and loves forever. Give her hug for me. This is the best article you ever wrote and I’m nominating you for an award of some kind dear. Your both a Superwoman !!!

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    1. Hey thanks a bunch rob. These are such wonderful heartfelt emotions you have expressed. It’s very kind of you to make time to read and comment. Also I am glad it made a good impact. Purpose solved 🙂 once again Thank you for your kind words. Have a wonderful day


      1. Your very welcome. l really enjoyed your write about your Mother. She must be very proud of you. It’s the best Valentine story I ever heard of next to who Valentines Day is celebrated every February 14th. Love is real . We don’t have to look no further than our parents or grandparents. Some been married for half a century or more. Happy Valentines Day my friend !

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      2. Hey thanks again I am soooo glad you liked the post as much. It’s very kind of you to call it the best valentine’s story. I am certain my mom surely feels so 🙂 have a wonderful day


      3. Oh wow … Yes I do talk to people about you and as a matter I always tell people about WordPress and the wonderful people like you I met here and how they can start a free site here like mine even though it only generic it great cause you reach out to people like you all over the world. I showed a young girl yesterday who writes and draws yesterday your site and the all the wonderful comments I received. She’s going to sign up for WordPress. hehe… I’m also on allpoetry.com and songwriters.com
        Don’t worry your work never goes unnoticed. Especially by me. Your number one fan ! Good morning!

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      4. Hey thanks. Well I wouldn’t mind my work been unnoticed so long as the message is passed on. One of my biggest wish is to be able to make a difference in as many people’s lives as possible before I pass on. So even if you speak about what you’ve learned if you have from my posts with others you come accross I would be more than happy. I am grateful for your words and thoughts about me


      5. Wow ! You have the same outlook as I do. All my life I was afraid to really send my work in and such until few years ago I decided it’s not about the money. It’s not even about me . As long as people lives be touched and maybe help them perceive things differently then I have done what I set out to do and helping change the world into a better place for you and me and everyone else. I like your attitude. It’s awesome and out of this world . We’re miles apart but still so very close when it comes to who we are .

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      6. I agree with you. Thank you Rob again for being so kind with your words. It’s just a small contribution I am trying to make to give back what I receive from this world. I can be proud and say I have touched handful of lives and only hope those handful pass on what they have known from me


      7. Thank you dear. I’m happy to know you have touched many life’s and I one is mine . They and me in return I can only hope and pray that in return help others too and as they day pay it forward. Happy I found you ! You make my day everyday !!!

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      8. I’m doing better now dear. At least I’m getting serious about my life and starting back writing and doing what I love . So it’s for reason it happened like everything does . It woke me up . I was in a haze the last few years. Now I’m back on track. I miss you


    1. I know right! It’s sad that that’s what it is in this age. I wonder if my mind was born about 100 decades or so ago and somehow I was born in a lot later century. It’s ok though I seep with a clearer heart and wake up to a cleaner mirror showing me a loving face 🙂

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    1. Wow! That is such an overwhelming compliment. I reckon you are being too kind to me with your Elaine words. How I wish I had started writing sooner my self-confidence would have been at a different level I would have been at a different level. But what the hell, I know everything happens for good, a reason and when it is meant to happen. Yet we silly little hearts tend to ask why me, why now, what is the reason and so on. I soon want to reach a point I am more aware throughout the process of discomfort, that all will be good and intime hoping for the soon to happen sooner as the pain is getting closer 🙂

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      1. The time will come, dear Durga, that you will reach that point where you’ll be more aware throughout the process of discomfort and all will be good and intime and the pain will disappear. You know, nothing last forever, not even the pain or the bad times. The heal has just begun… A better and joyful time will come sooner or later. All things must pass, even the sadness. I wish you a quick healing process. Everything is going to be all right.

        Forgot to say. I’m doing fine. I had a beautiful weekend, the sun was shining and it was nice all around.

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      2. Hey El, thanks a ton dear. You sound exactly like me. This is what I would tell someone in their lows. I am fortunate to have you El truly, it means more than it seems to have someone speak such kind and warm words. I am not yet in that place but I know one thing hasent changed. That is me being fortunate. I guess soon I will get out of this. Needless to say every thing has to change even the bad times 🙂 I part of me can feel the happiness when I read the last para of your reply. I am soooo happieeee for you darling I am glad you had a nice weekend 🙂 I will be always greatful to you and I hope I could get the best of your words till it’s change time and we part ways too someday. I would always wish you well dear. For you have truly spoken my words to me and I know when I speak those it comes straight from the bottom of my heart, so I can gauge your words come from the same place. Btw sorry I didn’t realise my last message to you said Elaine as I was going for for El, guess the spell check might have picked up Elaine instead of El, I was typing with moist eyes and too many things to express might have missed seeing it. Anyway, sorry if I’ve bored you with so many words 🙂 have a wonderful day and life dear you are an angel and I hope you always be happy and strong

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  2. Thank you my friend, I love to read your words and sure I hope we can keep in touch for as long as possible, at least ’til it is change time for you. Of course you can rest assured my words come straight from the bottom of my heart and I will always wish you well.

    Hahaha, don’t worry about the spell check mistake. I easily deduced it was probably El what you typed and the predictive writing added the rest 😀

    You could never bore me, my sweet friend. I could forever read you and never realize the time. Have a wonderful day yourself too. Thank you for your lovely words to me. You’re so very kind! I think it’s you the true angel and you deserve all the happimess in this world. May God bless and keep you always.

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    1. Hey El, you are always welcome and it is a pleasure to give you a reason to say thank you. It’s nice to know you like reading my words. Well I guess we can keep debating on who is kinder as I can’t begin to express how kind you’ve been to me. You must know you have a beautiful heart and it’s amazing how you can connect with my words. I am certain many would have told you this and I would be honoured to be added to the many list, you truly are very relatable. You can just connect to anyone I suppose and to be able to do that one needs to have that humble a heart and that free a mind. May you continue to connect, make a difference and touch people’s lives and have their blessings whereever you go and whatever you do. I will keep you in my wishes for sure El, once again thank you I am glad we connected. Hope to hear from you someday I would like to know more about you. Have a loving and delightful day.

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      1. 🙂 I m so glad to have known that about you. Funny or not but I’ve mostly found people not being able to handle the sensitivity in me. But let’s see how this goes. I am trying to find a middle way to things so I now seldom open up completely to many. Here’s where I find myself to be the way I would like to be and have nothing or no one to fear

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      2. I guess so ! Well who knows what’s to come tomorrow. I am not too good at hiding and fear doesn’t come easily to me. I am the one to invite hurt to challenge the strength I have and thankfully my strength prevails and no wonder I still breathe 🙂 on that note I’ll let u go to sleep now El it was nice connecting with you. Good nite dear. It’s 5 am here in India I got to wake up around 1 pm. Have a lovely night an beautiful tomm. Talk to u soon

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      3. I’m glad to hear you’re like that, as I am just the same. I have nothing to fear so I usually invite hurt to challenge the strength in me… and as far as I know, I must be thankful to have always strength enough 😉 …yeah, we must get some sleep, both of us. Have a lovely night yourself and the sweetest dreams. Also a wonderful tomorrow. Stay in touch.

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