New discovery or known existence

It is a festive season in India and most of the places are lit up and people are colourfully dressed.

Celebration reminded me of some lovely moments and accompanies who are no more a part of my life.

Sadness of losing them, thought of betrayals, feeling of how could so much of love and care be reciprocated with abandonment reaching my eyes.

Pushing me to turn those into heavy big drops of tears and a slight pain in my head and heart,

Just before the feelings could turn my sparkling eyes into blurred teary eyes I was reminded,

Hey! Isn’t it wonderful that you have so much love in you.

So much of care and consideration that even hurt didn’t stop you,

You carried on you learnt to not give up and love again,

Although it all eventually turned out to be the same you fell and rose again.

A part of me is broken and is in a lot of destress and pain,

But a bigger part of me is ready to spread love again.

Today walking down the road I discovered I have an ocean of love and compassion in me,

Part of me reminded weren’t u always this, forgiving, loving and caring.

Leaving me with this thought I am wondering if this was a discovery or this was always me.


46 thoughts on “New discovery or known existence

    1. U will surely know it some day.the calling happens to everyone one. Till then if possible try to as positive as possible n try to be around people who would help you get closer to the calling πŸ™‚ bless u n I truly wish n hope u get to it soon. Love Durga

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      1. Well it is difficult but possible. Suppressing anything isn’t good in my opinion but reacting doesn’t help either. May be having control over anger and reaction followed by analysing the cause and then deciding to confront adjust or avoidance could probably help


      2. Hahaha yes practice patience and compassion. It may appear that it’s an act of kindness towards others. However, I’ve read understood and experienced, not getting angry or forgiving people is not for them but for ourselves. It takes time to understand and relate to what I am saying. But any negative emotion effects the one carrying it more than the other party. we all like to be peaceful and this is one of the ways to find peace within and have a lesser stressful life

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      3. U r funny πŸ™‚ but jokes apart I know most of what I write preach and am trying to practice or attain it, sounds a little too much and not doable. But believe me after practising it to the little that I do, it’s a beautiful feeling like none. I’ve bin thru a lot like many others and this is my way of getting out of my misery and aiming to have a better life than before πŸ™‚ so it helps me.


      4. No the ego is still there ans sometimes I lose my directions. But the velocity of it has decreased and hopefully someday I would have none. It just doesn’t help keeping these negative emotions I doubt it has made anything good it only destroys.


      5. Of course everything around us is a memory or a lesson. This relation in particular was never meant to be. Despite knowing it we both were so high in love we didnt realise it was never meant to be. I am glad that neither of us hates the other but we are struggling to part ways for good and hopefully someday just be soulmates. As u mentioned not necessarily in a marriage or intimate relation but just as soulmates


      6. That I can call my boyfriend or get married to. I am truly happy to have many good people around me and some difficult ones thou, so no fuss over not having a bf for now πŸ˜€


  1. Reading you makes me so thankful…each word you choose seems to flow so easily from you its quite beautiful to witness Durga, truly I love this. We grow just like everything else in nature sweet one…you always had it in you but now how amazing you have growN love to be more powerful than that of any hurt! I adore you! XO!

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  2. Accepting the sadness and then overcoming it with positivity and a far sightedness – I don’t think many people can do that! Indeed, you have a lot of love with you and with messages like these, you are bound to get so much more of it πŸ™‚

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    1. πŸ™‚ true that prateek. It wasn’t or must I say isn’t easy for me. But must I add expressing it time and again only reminds me how I am supposed to practice what I am preaching or feeling. Every time I have acted otherwise I have only landed up hurting myself more wondering, this isn’t me and I don’t feel good despite achieving heights of ego, winning wars of cowardice. So here I am urging people to attempt to feel what I feel and hopefully someday we all will be masters of it after practising failing, rising up again and practising and so on…

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      1. And I feel these failures are what makes us strong and give us all the more reasons to try and succeed the next time. We all are broken, let down and have felt hopeless at some point of time. They way we rejuvenate and regenerate ourselves is what makes the difference. And I must say, you are truly an inspirational soul πŸ™‚

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      2. Thank you prateek one of the bloggers in my followers had posted an amazing post on the similar lines….emotionsoflife2016 posted β€œThe wound is the place where the Light enters you.” it jut reassured my feeling πŸ™‚ it is so true that most falls are the closest to the best rise πŸ™‚

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