The me that I was knocks the door sometimes and that sometimes is now.

In the highs of the grown and the developing new me sometimes I feel low.

That feeling of despair the dark memories the pressure falling low,

I am greatful to the new me and the people appreciating my words,

Those appreciative comments and likes on my post as thou taking a bow.

I need to shake myself up, I need to remind myself this is just a phase,

Acceptance and silence is probably required for me to get myself out of this,

I trust my goal is higher than this my purpose to make a difference in lives is beyond this.

So I will push myself as I know it’s just a phase and this shall pass too.

I need to remind myself and tell myself yes my darling all is going to be ok and don’t you forget how much I love you πŸ™‚


39 thoughts on “Acceptance

  1. Wow honey seriously! that last line is amazing and beautiful tells me that I am meant to know you for certain! Say it out loud, feed your soul the sound of goodness in your own voice! But you my dear already know this dont you?!! XOXO!!

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    1. Lol! I wud never think of it that way. There is a pleasing feeling when things are written straight from heart and I can tell it wasn’t copied. Let’s say for argument sake you did, even then I would choose to say it’s nice that you copied a comment that appreciated my feelings in one of the best regards πŸ™‚ either way no harm done

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      1. πŸ™‚ I am too bad to be untrue too. I am just a baby as I have expressed in one o my posts. These are baby steps towards one day of maturity wherein i will be all of it and I would be none of my prior negatid self

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      2. hope you like it. When I started the blog there was a lot of negatives pain adrenaline rush ups and down so my writings clearly were unclear. Even today when I read my past writings I an see a vivid difference you may want to only read after my post called new born date sept 6. Before that I wrote more on confusion highs of love and lows of being abandoned. But I guess I love them too. Hope u find time to read them all :))

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