Magic potion

I have found a magic potion that can take away any pain, distress or loneliness.

It is one of the most important portion and the good news is we all have it


Be your own company try this next time you feel lonely,

Tell yourself what you would tell your loved one when they need a company.

Hold your hand hug yourself and smile.

We have so much of compassion and love to give others we sometimes forget to use it on ourselves.

So much love that is unconditional, forgiving, caring and selfless.

Forgive yourself today, love yourself today, be your friend today 🙂


36 thoughts on “Magic potion

  1. A wonderful positive post. Another magic potion is volunteering. When I was really blue, I started volunteering. It was empowering, made me feel as though I could have a positive impact on the world, and I met wonderful, committed, and loving people. I didn’t have to give myself hugs; they were all around me for the sharing 🙂

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      1. Lol! Yes I am fortunate to have some tolerant people around me 😉 yes I am in India. Btw what cud I address you by, I am sure I am soon going to be more conversant with u.


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