Who doesn’t like peace

I believe we all have wishes, dreams and aspirations.

My wishes may differ from your yours but there is one common wish we all have,

A whish that we find peace of mind hope that we get to state of content.

Obvious fact not all have it and it’s not easy to possess it,

Good news is we all can surely attain it.

In my search of my purpose and reason for distress I figured,

We have the most powerful tool to invite happiness, peace and content.

That tool is called brain.

Our brains are so powerful and a wish fulfilling genie,

All you need to do is command and your wish shall be granted.

All you need is to pay close attention to what you ask for….

Funny! We wonder I never asked for bad luck, trials, troubles, troubles yet I was gifted with it, why???

The answer to the question is, life is funny and it continues to play games but the remote control is in our hands.

I am a living example like many others of how a lonely negative soul can turn into a peaceful happy soul.

All you need is to love yourself, trust your instincts, believe that all will be ok and understand your strength to handle the worse and yet smile.

So, all I need to convey here is no matter what you need in your life nobody but you can help yourself find it and contain it forever.

So what do you want in life…



5 thoughts on “Who doesn’t like peace

    1. Wow that is a very big compliment for me prateek, I am obliged to hear this from you. My purpose is to make a difference in as many lives as I can. Hearing you say this has just made me feel more confident that my destiny isn’t very far. Thank you

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