Rise after the fall – by Jennisa


I know you’ve tried to lead a better life and forget people who are toxic to you. I know you’ve tried to lose those extra kilos. I know you’ve tried to put all your heart to studies. I know you’ve tried all of it and also failed each time. I know that it seems almost impossible to accomplish that one goal because you’ve failed over and over. But today, I ask you to redo it. If I have to be honest enough you might fail this time too, you might still not get the marks you want, the ass you want, the mental peace you need. But hey, you’ll be closer to your goal, and if that’s not encouraging enough to go on, I do not know what will be. So what if you are a little late than others, so what if you take a little longer to learn new things or get shit sorted. Giving up just because it’s not happening your way is a sheer excuse. EXCUSE. Yes, get that straight. We tend to admire people who reach places without ever trying to look back on what it took to be there. They’ve had their worlds fall apart too. They just knew how to put shit back together NOT all of it in one go. But piece by piece. So go ahead, do some squats, pick up that sport you always wanted to play but were unsure of, read the book you always kept for later, believe a little more in yourself because guess who’s got your back. Yeah, you got your back! πŸ™‚


3 thoughts on “Rise after the fall – by Jennisa

  1. two lines come to mind = red dwarf’s (bbc television sitcom) Cat’s ” testing One one one! Mee me me! …attention lady cats, please forma a queue, NO SQUABBLING!” and toby keith’s country ditty, “You you you you you you you you you you you you you
    I want to talk about me” or, you used the word “you” a lot πŸ˜€ so me me me. πŸ˜‰ hee hee.


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