Judicious Jennisa

Hi All,

Meet my friend Jennisa who happens to wonder if she writes well enough to start blogging. I would like her to see the comments and likes she gets for the below write up she came up with. Hope you guys like it.


I know that sometimes you sacrifice some things because you love someone. What people confuse sacrifice with is compromise. They compromise over and over and call it love. Okay, I get your point you do it because you want to. But stop, look around. Don’t you deserve the kind of love you’ve been giving away. Don’t you deserve little flowers at your doorstep with a note that says Good Morning Beautiful. Don’t you deserve complete honesty, truth, care and concern? Don’t you deserve someone who doesn’t make you wonder about his love but reinforces it each time with his actions. *Not because he has to, but because he is too much in love to not do that* .As much as we all hate change, we have to accept​ that change is the only constant. Of course it is difficult to embrace it. You wouldn’t want to let go off the memories and start with a new person. But for the fact, are you so afraid or so unaware of your self-worth that you’d rather let someone half love you and cause you pain and anxiety and all the irritation than finding something new. Today, take a look at what you’re doing to yourself. Today, stand up and take the choice that scares you the most. Who knows how incredibly happy you can be!


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