Friendship shall prevail


Those beautiful eyes with dimpled cheeks appears as vibrant appearance.

But when looked beyond his beauty on outside she had a deeper reverence.

How could you have so much love and affection he asked.

Answering him for now remained methodological and a restrained task.

For fear of the past and scepticism of future keeps her contemplating

So for now they decide to be friends and know eachother‚Äč instead of dating


10 thoughts on “Friendship shall prevail

  1. That’s beautiful dear ! You have someone in your life . That’s nice ! Take care . Don’t be a stranger. I posted my story here 2 days ago . True story about my ancestor Grace. Hope you read it if you have time . Missing you …



      1. Hello dear. I’m glad to hear that you are doing good. I miss you too. I love your writings ! I hope you get your mojo back cause I really enjoy reading your posts . I’m doing good. Last week God spared my life . I died bought God was gracious and brought me back. I’m happy to be alive !


  2. Wow Durga!! This perhaps made my day! Getting to know that you have someone who could surely lit that faded incense! Be it friendship or dating, don’t let it ruin, let it take its time…friendships are rare treasures too! Good luck!

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