Healing envisioned by bruiser


It’s funny how sometimes I hear the words I can’t be without you,

Weren’t we before and after.

It’s strange days were strenuous due to out of sight,

I now witness weeks pass by without knowing eachothers happiness or plight.

What hurts the most is the presence of obvious knowing,

What kills is the absence of action despite the known.

It’s one thing to lose something that means a lot to you,

What shall i call losing something that was all I had, You!



16 thoughts on “Healing envisioned by bruiser

      1. I couldn’t agree more. Somehow it seems to be one of the most difficult task for me. But I know I’ve fought such battles and conquered. Just that it takes time. And like happiness even pain needs to be embraced and given its required time to heal rather than surfacial healing which is done through faster and artificial or forced happiness or subsiding it. So I’m going to take the required time and rise higher than before I am sure

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