Circle of you and me


There’s this circle I’ve read heard and learnt about,

What goes around comes around,

Law of gravity what goes up has to come down.

There’s this circle I’ve read heard and learnt about,

You gain something and you lose, you lose something to gain no doubt.

Some wish some pray some believe in karma of the day,

I was there then I am here today tomorrow is going to be another day.

Frowns today smiles tomorrow tears now joy later,

It’s life that’s how it’s going to be I could chose to sit here or get on the life charter.

I sit here alone and wonder,

There’s this circle I’ve read heard and learnt about,

If losing you is the now what if I had a choice to go back in time and never get to your whereabout….

I sit here and wonder if the now is losing you,

Could it all turn around and somehow get me to you…


17 thoughts on “Circle of you and me

    1. I wouldn’t know if that is good or bad but I see wht you are saying, thank you dear. Also, I appreciate you making time to read and comment. All I can wish for is may I have the balance and composure to handle all this as I know it’s a phase and it would take it’s time and do it’s thing I just would need to let it be and hope to get on to the next circle I suppose

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      1. This is the beauty in you. And this is what you are doing beautifully.
        But Why again u wanna drag yourself in this circle, if you don’t mind I am going to say it as a vicious circle?
        Tell me one thing why we said God is above us? Why the God’s Decision is always right? Only because he is watching us from the highest point to the lowest one that’s why.

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      2. Well! I was speaking about the general cycle of life that I would be moving on to and with regard to me saying not knowing of bad or good I was trying to say sometimes it’s best to not control and who is to say what is good or bad and none of us know the actual outcome of things in such scenarios. With regard to god I’ve been religious, then an atheist and now agnostic so I wouldn’t comment on God or the doings as I am still learning god I suppose.answering your question about why well! Life is a rollercoaster most of the times the bad makes us humble and learned and the good is probably the answers to the bad we withstood . Either way both needs to be embraced taken time with take a learning and move on

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  1. Awesome write dear ! I especially like the last line. I know how it must feel dear . I lost someone I loved when she suddenly passed away days before we were to get married in 2006 . We all go through heart breaks that hurt for a long time sometimes forever . I’ve had more than share myself . I’m here for you if you need a to talk. I’m your friend

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    1. Hey thanks a bunch Rob, I am sorry to hear about your loss. I can understand what you are saying. Also, I am greatful to have you around πŸ™‚ it’s very kind of you to offer your presence. I’ll be sure to write to you


    1. I see what you are saying here dear. No offence taken nor missunderstood your concern here. I don’t think you are judging me atall dear. I am sorry if I sounded like you did. You are nothing but kind and concerned and I am greatful to u. I can feel what you are saying.

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    1. Thank you kamal. I am unsure if the next life is real or it even matters in my opinion. Infact I’ve only observed what we do we get here in this life. We even realise if enough attention paid as to what is the reason we get what we get especially the bad ones

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