Presence in absence


You didn’t exist,

You merely existed.

You walked in,

You remained.

You walked out,

You still remain.

You may not exist,

Yet would continue to stay within me.


28 thoughts on “Presence in absence

      1. I agree with you but that’s another beauty of writers if I may call myself that I am still learning to write better, our hurt also is majestic and so is happiness. So I guess what makes me glad is hurting or not writing helps the writer take the load off and reader the pleasure. I could make some move and that brings a little smile which is good enough over crying alone for hours 🙂

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      2. 🙂 I can feel what you are saying El, I too love laughing and smiling somehow my heart isn’t ready yet I suppose. But the day it will be I’ll be back to smiling most of the times. You do make me smile though I must say. Much gratitude

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      3. Oh, dear, I’m so glad I can make you mile. I wish I could always make you smile. BTW, you wrote a long comment yesterday as an insightful reply to me a and I gave you the answer last night,ut I have lost now both your commet and my reply. I really don’t know what happened

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      4. Oh that’s ok. It’s a fine move you did, indeed, as I had already read your comment. I was just worried I did something wrong and my reply was lost and didn’t get to you, fearing you never read it. I’m glad you did, as they were too long texts about personal impressions which had not so much interest for anybody else 😉

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    1. Same here I too would be going off to sleep. Have to get 8 hours of sleep and then back to work. Depression is a disease filthy rich could afford. For pain or no pain we would still have to show up to work and earn the living. That’s called blessing in disguise

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      1. Good night dear. I had seen this thing SD about depression and rich people comment in a movie’P.S. I love you ‘ I love that movie. I can talk all day now 😀 we must sleep . Gn dear sweet dreams thank you for keeping me company

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      2. Thanks, very kind of you to say that, but you also accompained me and I feel gratutide as well for what you did. I’ll check that movie, I guess I’d like it since I’m curious regarding the title which is coincident with one of the Beatles primitive songs that I like so much. It must be good if it is a Gerard Butler movie

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      3. 🙂 it’s a pleasure El, sorry couldn’t reply last night was a little caught up with something. I hope you like the movie I like it how you relate things like you did with the Beatles song 🙂 I do that kind of a thing too. I believe in signs and sometimes relative things get me to play with my intuition and more often than not I get to the right thing

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      4. You’re such a smart person, as thougtful as you always are, even to reply the simplest comment I could make. So the reason why it takes so long for you to get better, as I guess you need to know all the answers and it takes a lot to find out all of them or even sometimes come to figure out there’s no answer at all. But I bet you’ll be able to help yourself and all your trials soon be over. Yeah, I know, you’ll be able to get over things pretty sooon

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      5. El, oh my for someone not knowing me as well, to be able to come up with that. You’ve taken me by surprise. It’s almost bang on. I just don’t feel I should take as much time for the answers were given before the questions could have been asked. I feel so pathetic about myself sometimes. I know though my heart was never set out to do something pathetic. It’s hurting too bad. But guess what I’ve been through worse in this crazy thing called love. Like Richard gere in pretty woman says I am gifted with impossible relationships 🙂 I know though El if I could get over past hardships which I am most certain more cruel, impossible, neverending pain, and irreparable, but I survived. So I m sure this too will pass. But if you ask me to just be a simple damsel in distress I would love for once to be the delicate hurt girl who can cry n b weak n ask for support and shoulder over the intelegent experienced learned miss know it all

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