Tragic to magic


How can a same person give you a completely different feeling.

Initially it is nothing but crazy smiles, butterflies in the stomach, long stares, the need for spending every moment with that person.

It then turns into not having much time, things that used to appear cute starts appearing annoying.

I don’t know if is it me or this is how relationships are meant to be.

This probably is a feeling many have and this is also a feeling known to none.

For now I may be a non believer in love and someday I may realise that I am still a new born to this area of life.

Who knows someday I would go back to the happy days, smiling spurts, morning starting with that someone’s thoughts and nights ending in those lovely arms.

How I wish I know that someday isnt far, how sure I should be that someone doesn’t necessarily have to be thee, maybe that someone could even be just me.

So, from lost soul to peaceful soul, now I am prepared to move on from tragic to magic world


14 thoughts on “Tragic to magic

  1. It is this way Durga. Yes things may change and maynot be the same like before, but you would have evoloved into a better understanding person by now. The self realisation of the need for one another and the love when in need is the thing that will make you feel happy and get going.
    Meena (Sure you will move from tragic to magic)

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  2. That’s actually how things go in life. you start to know someone better and the more you know about him/her the more you love or reject his/her Company. But as it has been said, every relationship teachs you something new about yourself and the world outside. We learn from every experience in life and human relationships are the most satisfying or disappointing experiences. But sure there is always a trip from tragic to magic. Hope you are doing fine

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    1. Hi El, so good to hear from you. I see what you are saying and I realise that’s how relationships are. Just that I live in a dreamland and often fantasize about thins :). I guess I am one of those lucky ones who gets to experience the best like no one could even feel and even the lows I guess I go deeper than anyone could withstand… I am doing ok will get better soon

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      1. Good that you’ll be doing better soon! Yeah, I guessed you are one of those privileged ones who get to experience the best like no one could even feel and your lows might go deeper than most of us could withstand… i think I knew it just because I am a bit like that myself

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      2. Hehehe it’s sometimes a blessing to be an extremist you know. It has its own pros and cons but hey what doesn’t have. I would rather feel extreme over not. 🙂 It’s really nice to hear from you. How have u been. What’s new ?

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      3. I have been too busy or lazy… or who knows.. but didn’t feel like writing and took a break from WP. Anyway, I’m doing fine. Yes, I agree, I would rather feel extreme over not, haha… I Just came back fto have dinner with a friend of mine. It’s around 1:00 am here and I’m heading for bed already, but we will talk soon. Feel glad to make contact to you again.


      1. Thinking of Moving on means you’ve covered half the road already! At the end we’re all characters in life stories of people and the book has to end somewhere, if it ends before you expected it to, maybe that’s how it was always planned to be! So moving on might not be easy but the best you could do for yourself as well as for the other person!

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