A to Z journey stuck on J today Part 2


J is where I stopped and probably I would stay there for a while but for now let’s see how it goes on from there.

Kisses they shared were never just kisses but a sense of connection and absolution.

Love was in the air and it always felt two ways only to realise that she was mistaken.

Manoeuvres were decided yet love fails all planning and it did.

Naturally built relationship which grew from strangers to mentoring to friendship to infatuation leading to crazy drive of being in the extacy state took over rational thinking.

Odious feelings finally overpowered the blinding unconditional love leading to ask the famous question.

Parting our ways given the obvious or being in the dreamland hoping for the culmination of a real relationship.

Quaffing the whole of him also didn’t help her forget the reality anymore and no amount of running away from the truth helped.

Ripping apart her heart and to an extent even his they finally decided it isn’t a child’s play anymore, it isn’t going to pain any lesser no matter when and how the execution of an innocent love be done.

So, here’s where we take a halt and and say, to be continued….


14 thoughts on “A to Z journey stuck on J today Part 2

      1. Hmmm you are a wonderful person with a kind heart it better be a choice you make out of choice not because there isn’t one. You are the best you 🙂 it’s coming from a person who has recently lost something very precious or maybe I never owned it. Either way I trust I’ll get out it. It’s healthier I mourn and give it the attention though and once I am done, I’ll be the awesome me again 🙂

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      2. I know what you are feeling dear.also I am sorry if I sounded pushy in my earlier message. Listen darling, we all know things may be difficult very difficult even seem impossible but it’s always possible. It takes a lot of strength, focus and most importantly love for yourself. Believe me it will all seem so easy. Somedays it would creep up from some relatable thing and make you cry when all you do is mayb cry but soon after you would be back to normal. I truly and deeply hope you, many others and me know this one truth, that we are the master of our lives and nobody or nothing can ever make us feel otherwise. All my wishes to you dear. I trust you will feel it soon too. Just a matter of time, realisation and awareness. Love care and I’ll be there if ever u need someone to talk to. Durga

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    1. I agree completely with you on this. It’s good to embrace happiness and sadness both. So that the cure is not temporary but long lasting. Any emotions in my opinion should be given its due time and enough attention. That’s why people say it’s very important to mourn and not bottle up. So this is just my hybernation mode 🙂 I’ll come back stronger, steadier and calmer soon 🙂 once again thanks a bunch for your kindness and concern is very thoughtful of you to make time to express. Have a wonderful day dear

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