A to Z journey stuck on J today


A story that’s like any other but a lot different in its own manner.

Beautiful on the inside not so on the inside she was.

Caring, loving, forgiving and kindness was her definition.

Defensive, obsessive, controling and outspoken was a part of her traits too.

Ending a relationship with anyone didn’t come very easily to her be it friendship or love.

Far deep down in her heart she knew why she was this way.

Gullible if some called her some got to see the fierce side of her too especially when her loved one’s were troubled.

Hauntings of her past sometimes made her vunerable to many.

Intimate relationships happened as a doorway to a real relationships sometimes but most relationship was a price she paid for being naive.

J – for some reason I would like to leave this story here for now my thoughts are lost and I am once again reminded I am broken.

But don’t you worry, this little princess will have to keep the blog going, for her followers are banking on her inspirations and they make sure she feels better.

So, I will assure the K – starts on a good note and the ending of alphabets Z brings in happy endings or atleast inspiring thinking πŸ™‚


10 thoughts on “A to Z journey stuck on J today

  1. Sometimes there are flaws in a relationship, but there should be love that just is more like a tide to sweep the flaws away. LOVE only love can make things better in life. Keep going Durga and always see the happy ending and everything will fall in place and you will witness the happy ending for sure. Trust it with full heart until you see it. All the best and wishing you loads of happiness ONLY.

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    1. Hey Meena, thanks a bunch for your opinion on this. I too am a firm believer of ending being happy. I know things will become ok at the end. Thank you for you kind wishes I wish the same to your family and u πŸ™‚
      I would love to be happy and I know it’s a state of mind but for me to get to that stage of being stoic may take sometime and practice

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      1. Hey! Thanks that is truly kind of you to say that. I am fortunate to have such wonderful people on my life who wish for my happiness. And I am certain it is soon to come πŸ™‚ till then I’ll smile whenever the situation requires laugh as hard as I can when there is a humor around and shed tears when I am alone and thoughts need my tears attention

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