Hope to happiness


Heart beating faster and thought process getting slower.

Now is the time to meet reality a little more closer.

Someone once said sometimes pretentious smile becomes a real smile time.

In that hope it’s good to keep smiling hoping to attain peace in chime.

Tears are a part of your bodily functions and they are meant for a reason.

You get to choose If you make no use of it, misuse it or let it flow but not for the same reasons.
The beauty of life is it takes you exactly where you want to go.

Choices we always have choices we always make which makes the life ship sink or steer with the flow.


6 thoughts on “Hope to happiness

    1. Hey thanks a bunch. I am glad you liked it. It’s crazy when heartfelt lines turns into a poem and the appreciation makes it even painful. There is a an Indian movie dialogue which means: when someone’s calls the wound of my heart a poem it doesn’t bother me. It hurts so bad when someone feels the poem is so wonderfully written. 🙂


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