Nameless wonders towards Friendship splendours


A nameless relationship which had more than all the relationships came to an end today.

He was humble she was considerate they agreed they were hurt they smiled as it was time to depart today.

I hope time brings prospective in their lives and make them a better person.

Someday hopefully they would name the nameless, friendship and hope to sail through life’s highs and lows as nothing but friends.

Till then he decides to bottle up and get busy, she decides to mourn and love herself more than before.

It’s good to have let the nameless bird fly which had no ifs buts and therefores.

Some set out to achieve castles of togetherness and land up living in different rooms,

Some land up being twinkling stars all set to rock on the cresent moon instead on dreaming of being bride and groom.

So maybe she’ll soon meet him and they would walk hand on shoulders,

It’s ok if it would never be a white gown, tuxedo, and hands on hips and kiss on the lips.


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