In the same sky we live and we depart


We may not be together but we always are.

I love you a lot but I don’t really love you.

You mean the most to me you don’t exist in my priority list.

You bring me peace you make me feel anxiety.

You were here this moment you are not here anymore now.

I can’t be without you I can’t make a future with you.

Oh I love you so much but It can never be seen by anyone.

I’ll always be there but only in my absence.

We live in the same sky we just appear alternatively.

That’s what it feels like to fathom love between sun and moon.


10 thoughts on “In the same sky we live and we depart

  1. Is that inspired by confused feelings for someone? When there is love as well as no love lost between the two? When there is an attraction but no place for a relation? When two people are together but for no reason? The imagery you have used is amazing! I hope I got it right! Even if I didn’t…there’s always room for imagination, right? Explain me if it is something different from what I perceived!

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