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Hope you all are experiencing a wonderful day. I came across this article I felt could be of good help. I couldn’t not share the with you all. Plz do read, it’s a long read but a must read in my opinion. I hope you guys find it helpful. Have a wonderful day, keep smiling and spread the positivity.

Dr. Susanne Babbel published an article

[1] in Psychology Today exploring the connections between emotional stress, trauma and physical pain. She discusses in her article how chronic pain – which can be defined as a prolonged debilitating pain – may be caused by emotional and stress issues just as much as it may be caused by physical issues. Experts within this field have noted that traumatic events may have a significant impact on the development of pain – with around 15-30% of patients who are suffering from chronic pain, also being diagnosed with PTSD.

This can be explained through the old saying “fight or flight”, which actually explains a lot with regards to this finding. When the body experiences a traumatic event, the nervous system automatically enters survival mode and if the body cannot revert back to a relaxed state, a constant stream of stress hormones such as cortisol are released into the body, causing physical issues such as high blood pressure, which can in addition reduce the immune system’s ability to heal itself.

Reiki practitioner and kinesiology expert Lori D’Ascenzo [3] explains how our emotions can manifest in physical forms within our body, “As the electrical current of an emotion travels along your neural pathways, it triggers the release of chemical proteins called neuro-peptides (NPs). Each emotion has a different frequency. In response to these individual frequencies, your body releases corresponding NPs. These tiny chemical proteins communicate chemical messages throughout your body, creating a physiological response.”

There have been certain connections between areas in which physical pain occurs and a specific emotional stressor that could be causing it:


Headaches are one of the most common types of physical illness and experts say they can be related to high levels of stress in our day-to-day lives. Christina Peterson MD [2] explains how emotional stress can impact your physical health, in the form of headaches or migraines. “Stress and emotional triggers are common migraine triggers… For many migraine sufferers, an attack can occur when the stress is over. This is known as a “let-down” headache. Let-down headaches can have a delayed onset, occurring a day or more after the stress has happened in your life.” So if you often find yourself suffering from headaches, consider what stresses you’ve experienced lately and work towards reducing the source.

Shoulder Pains

Shoulder pains are said to be the manifestation of great emotional distress. When we’re carrying emotional burdens, we often scrunch our shoulders up as though we truly are carrying the weight of the world on our shoulders, as the old saying goes. If you’re feeling pains in your shoulders, consider passing some of your tasks onto somebody else or speaking to somebody about your worries and concerns to ease pain.

Neck Pains

According to kinesiology experts, the neck is where guilt is held, so pains in your neck can indicate an unwillingness to forgive others, or possibly even yourself. If you suspect you’re having trouble forgiving yourself, try to work out why. Take time out to make a list of the things you feel you’ve done wrong recently and if necessary, apologise to somebody. It could do wonders for your physiological health.

Back Pains

Depending on where the pain is located in the back, the region can determine different emotions you may be feeling. Both the upper and lower back can signal a lack of emotional support, so if you’re feeling general back pains, consider speaking with somebody close to you and expressing how you feel. Lower back pain, however, could also mean you are worried about money. If you feel this could be the cause of your lower back pain, now could be the time to re-evaluate your financial situation.

Elbow Pains

While this is a pain not many people suffer from, it can be a strong sign that sufferers are dealing with changes in their life that they are currently resisting. Stiffness in the elbow may signal stiffness in life, decision making or attitude to adapting. In this situation, start small. Start by making changes such as the tea you drink, or the restaurant you eat at, and gradually build up to accepting larger changes.

Hand Pains

Pains in one or both hands can mean you’re not connecting with others enough, as we often use our hands to reach out and touch other people. Stifling your need to connect with others can cause pains in your hands or fingers and making the effort to speak to others, reconnect with old friends or rebuild broken bridges can do wonders for your health.

Leg Pains

Emotional tension tends to build in the calves, whereas knee pain can signal many issues, particularly an oversized ego. Calf pain could be caused by jealousy, which is also probably keeping you from enjoying and appreciating what you already have. Having an oversized ego may cause knee pain, since having a big ego is said to be similar to being too proud to bend. Resist the urge to brag or talk about yourself too much to others and your pain may subside.

Feet Pains

Foot pain can be a sign of depression and similarly, ankle pain can be a signal that you’re depriving yourself of pleasure. A lot of experts, including author Jill Douglas [4] claim that “ankles represent the ability to receive pleasure” and a pain in that area may signal something is stopping you from receiving pleasure. Having negative thoughts or feelings typically associated with depression can cause pains in your feet so should you feel these physical pains, consider why it is you feel that way and focus on positive aspects of your life instead of the negative.


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      1. I agree. Psychologically it makes the other person more involved and it makes one feel important. 🙂 Some habits come naturally without actually knowing the outcome. So, I too realised it later that taking name actually creates happy feeling in the other person 🙂

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  1. wine as in traumas are less manifested that way but in joy of sharing blocked causing imbalance. thus it wouldn’t by the connections rule be much of a surprise i became diabetic and haven’t having found the best balance since went through the bp to outright kidney failure about for certain. same old want of love and the same karmic result. 😉 now positive as red ink as that sounds 😉 it can be. not all paths are meant for all people at all times – far better to enjoy what is …in moderation…. than to keep trying to the last breath crushed it still doesn’t work out… acceptance! which if one knows ancient asian medicines/notions says is a kidney thing…anger from lack of acceptance also fight/flight as it produces adreneline that last extra oomph but over time this is high blood pressure and fail. – such is just simply true. it might be unique to me to not have the constant headaches pains. just simply that… words thoughts positivity but in balance of trying after more joy not I will have it! come hell or high water…that is just a little too much of bringing on hell and high waters! or, as per usual I get to opposite just a lot in life. in the same ways above – trying to be positive oin the stepford wive’s perfection ala martha stewart before the holiday. . or so i make a fine assistant loyal and timely- so if I am not the boss i never will travel further than dead end job no opportunity? what’s so earthly wrong with what i have? right now it isn’t assistant but from director to dunny detailer part time…why shouldn’t i be thankful i found any job i can do? obviously such by nature is dead end, and thus what’s wrong with low stress means to an end? I’m able to do it and it is also a challenge. and yeah i did briefly as in for a day get to run my show as a department head. I lacked the principal abilities or roledex of people to call making it happen like any other person seeking the job so it isn’t all that surprising i would not get to keep a job i couldn’t execute. but to wake up ten years more tired no longer cdaring if i got the prize then was….why i live across the country swabbing toilets at a gas station instead…fine career move really. lower stress. more joy. same luck with the ladies. not zero but not without it’s ups and down. …the other reason director went away… the last 2 hopes there then one was moving and the other showed up after about 2 months flirting with her lives with her at her mothers and all along live in boyfriend.. wooooo ey! that went poorly all at once 😉 but i did get a job on merit MINE . so from the standpoints of positivities, I and anyone, gets what’s put in. I made the best of finding something nicer and achieved it. it isn’t any easier wanting and not getting. wanting it more doesn’t bring it about …for me…except? the internalized stress of not getting it and this instance putting everything i have into it still only to watch it walk away….bad move. such really is stress. and you could watch how it erodes . but 😉 a diet coke and a smile are the days now. not particularly bad. and the can’s clean if you had to go.

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      1. all of them are! so thanks! 🙂 but such follows the limited associations of “cause” “effect” which 😉 if one thinks that way – it’s quite the snarler. so, RUBBERR DENIAL. 😉 I’m rubber who needs glue etc. but to maintain “hope” requires room for there to be unexplained possibilities. for instance of course you have my above news thats as certain as the numbers prooving them. however 220 i ised to weigh and now 140 or worst 236.5 to on the light days maybe i came close to losing the century 😉 which means I’m nearly literally half the person i was. think of the energy processing saved when I obviously need all I have! blessing is a word coming to mind. not everyone has the luck losing weight. blessing and LUCK woo hoo! 😉 shhh for a moment how that’s darker 😉 next. the possibility comes into play that while its not changing, the numbers- that doesn’t mean they necessarily have to be worse either- so possibilities abound where i have with changes unfortunately required boo get more luck still! nevermind of course miracles. we’ll save that for another lifetime in a sense but many do in fact have proof in modern life to exist as possibilities. that is worth noting. so, bad news? rubber denial! no not head in the sand! that means knock knock who’s there? aw… the wrong one came to visit…. har har. same with the issues surrounding acceptance general moral or morality… it just has to have room for me to be wrong or better sstill to have that peace that it is important it does matter but it is NOT within my control and thus anything beyond my control is or is not going to happen neverminding how much i’d like it to. that of course is NEVER easy seeming until? it doesn’t matter. investing in things I can not control is a great way to invite disappointment. who needs that? it in a way means i take on ownership of what isn’t mine. so. again, thanks for the well wishes. I may be here decades or maybe not, to such extent I control i work on offering what i can to bring the good fortunes. 😉 I wish you. the same. good fortunes.

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