Which of the two am i, which one will I choose to be


Rebloging doesn’t just seem to be a reblog,

Somehow seems like the heart once again got clogged.

Funny how sometimes life gets you back to square one,

It just get’s you to think how you shouldn’t have gone ahead with that someone.

So here I am rebloging my post I wrote or should I say went through a year ago,

It doesn’t really seem a year it seems like I felt it lived it just some moments ago.

Came to a point of realisation today,

Nothing much changed since long or yesterday,

But confirmation of where I belong happened today.

Its painful while i wrench my heart out,

One more chapter in my life is on its enroute,

I somehow knew it but my silly heart kept having its doubts.

Somehow once again I find myself in darkness,

I wonder now am i disguised as a happy and peaceful soul,

Was I living in a dreamland where happiness, selfwort, peace and loving myself was my goal.

The mystery remains if it’s just this moment or this is how I am meant to be,

Tomorrow could be a better day tomorrow I may love myself and be proud, happy and love myself and respect the real me.


30 thoughts on “Which of the two am i, which one will I choose to be

      1. Thank you Elaine. How fortunate am i to have found you. I may be thanking you again and again, somehow no amount of thank you to you seems enough for today. I feel what you are saying and have lived it.

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      1. Thanks a ton El, it’s so crazy that some knowns never know you and unknowns know u more than you yourself ever could. Hope not too philosophical and hope you get what I am saying. I am truly grateful for your words and believing in me.between, Peter Pan could fly only because of happy thoughts and he could only fight the evil when people believed in him.

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      2. Oh yes, I understand and I agree with you. Sure that happens, beacuse even if we may not know you, you open yourself in your writings like you never did talking to the ones that know you well. Maybe if they did never read you, someone who read carefully what you wrote can get some insightful parts within you that others did never pay so much attention to them

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      3. How wonderfully you expressed this. You too I am certain El are a wonderful person. Only someone with pure compassion, clear mind and heart, kind soul could get through to something in such a simple yet profound manner. I am so glad we connected today and I hope to be in touch with you. It’s nice to have someone who knows you around till time permits 🙂 I am really glad we met today truly met in all sense. I hope to read you piece of work soon. I can’t wait to read you 🙂 really thank you dear. I feel special and I feel like I do make a difference 🙂

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      4. Thanks to you for these amazing compliments and to offer me your friendship! I really feel honored and feel glad I met you too! I’m not a writer just try to comment on music and artists that I love and share my thoughts on them. I am thankful to have your friendship. Yes, I really think you are special and you actually make a difference.

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      5. You are welcome El, it is a pleasure to be able to make an attempt to define what I felt closer to when I found a friend in you. Friendship is one ship that doesn’t drown even though sometimes the sails are far away or the sailing parts away. Although late but I am glad I’ve realised the love that one can find in friendship has a completely different heavenly feeling, a lot more pure, loyal, with crazy level of understanding, togetherness and so many other things, which in my experience is not found in any other relationship. So, I too am glad and obliged to be yours and make you my FRIEND 🙂 it’s amazing to know I could make a difference and let’s see if I can read you, even if it has to be your opinion on the artists and music. While I am not one to read long posts but I’ll find ones I can manage to read for sure. Who knows somday you would turn out to be a writer and write beyond thoughts on music and artists 🙂 have a wonderful day my friend.
        May your keep smiling El,
        May you smile so much it makes your cheeks swell 😀
        May your post someday has a story to tell 😉
        I would then call you a writer too and I’d have your writings in which you dwell…
        Just came up with something kiddish to make you smile 🙂

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    1. Lol I was about to say the same. I live in Mumbai India. Since tomm is my day off I am sleeping so late was watching TV 🙂 it’s 5.am here. Also, since I work for an Irish company here I normally sleep around 4.30am and leave for work around 3pm. Have a good night sleep. Sweet dreams 🙂

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      1. I slept pretty well, thank you. I’m glad you did too. Right. looks like both of us spent the same time having a good rest, as I fell asleep around 4:00 AM my time and woke up just a half an hour ago (1:30 PM)…that’s 9 and 1/2 hours. I just had a breakfast and will go to walk through the park and read a book. Enjoy your time with your friend.

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      2. 🙂 that’s nice. My friends just about left. I am expecting another friend of mine to meet me at the coffee shop. Post she leaves I’ll leave for home too. I so would want to start walking and may be even running but ya haven’t yet got myself to do it 🙂 should be home in about half hour more so. Will create today’s blog then 🙂

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