Truly real relationship


Hi you wonderful people,

Hope you all are experiencing a wonderful day.

Today I would like to talk about one of my greatest achievements, a true relationship,

I kept searching for someone I could sail with my search kept changing from one ship to the other ship.

Somehow I kept sailing with different sailors only to wonder if this time it would last,

My heart was hungry for love and it kept looking for it outside. I was asked to wait, I was asked to continue to fast.

It seemed like an endless search it felt like an aimless soul,

Somehow life kept happening despite there was no goal.

Every night awaits the sunlight, like every barren land looks up for rains,

I kept wishing I kept hoping there was a way to end myself or stop the pain.

There was no answer to my question asked in each sailors ship,

Would there ever be true love could I experience a real relationship.

To be continued….


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