Prized possessions!


Hi All,

One of my colleagues at work asked me what are your 3 prized possessions?

I jumped with joy as I had more than 3.

But then came the twist, he said make sure they are all materlistic.

I was dumbfounded. 😀

I somehow have never been able to attach myself to materlistic things.

Anyway, after a lot of thinking here’s my list:
1. ESPRIT watch gifted by my sister.
2. Charm bracelets bought by my sister.
3. Ahhhh! I forgot and I am not thinking…. I can’t somehow for the life of me think about it…..May be clothes my sister bought for me! 😰

Last but not he least, the bike I am due to buy 😉

If you guys have the time, I would like to know your prized possessions… Plz do drop in a comment if you can think of it 🙂

Have a wonderful day you lovely people and as I always say, keep smiling and spread positivity 🙂


10 thoughts on “Prized possessions!

  1. Prized. I value my laptop very much. So many books ,which would be difficult to choose from! I am very fond of my aged kindle and the iPad I was given (books!). I have an amethyst I wear all the time. Yet, as possessions, they are just things. I hold to most people and things loosely, it hurts less when they are lost.


    1. Hey hi, hope you are Having a good day. Nice to know about your possessions 🙂 I too have books that I love. I am old school 🙂 with regard to getting hurt when you are closer, I guess I’ve had my share of hurt. But I have realised that getting hurt may not be in our control, but for how long and how deep we let it sink in is totally in our control. We can feel well not let people in, or love happen but these things happen without our knowledge. Loving ourselves is done as much as we would love others may be the pain could get easier and leave sooner 🙂 it’s just an opinion 🙂 have a wonderful day dear

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