A mixture of wonderful cloud 9, irritation and enlightenment part 2


Well! So when I got into the kitchen I discovered the food prepared needs some modifications.

Post doing the modifications and finally getting ready to eat, I just noticed mom had added soft fried onions to it,

All those who know me closely know that I don’t like soft pink onions in my food.

All annoyed and exhausted I decided to make my favourite potatoes vegetable as I was more hungry than tired.

I was ticked off somehow in surprise as to how can mom manage to cook things that I don’t like or sometimes not cook food that give a good taste to my palate.

FYI! I am too proud of the way I cook and have been appreciated most of the times for the wonderful meal I can put together.

Only untill I realised the potatoes I cooked didn’t turn out the way I wanted to.

Well I realised, food can taste wonderful when cooked with love and I was angry when I was cooking,

Another thing I realised is everyone can err sometimes in cooking and how could I be so harsh on my mom in my thoughts.

Finally! I ate the potatoes anyway, with a smile on my face and thought in my mind about how important it is to be positive, considered, giving benefit of doubt and last but not the least remembering to keep love alive in my food 🙂

Residing in cloud 9 now I know to not be so critical of mom, many others and most importantly myself 🙂


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