A mixture of wonderful cloud 9, irritation and enlightenment


Hi All,

Hope you lovely people are having a good time.

I wanted to share the experience I had yesterday.

It was one crazy day for me which I thoroughly enjoyed.

My day started lovely, it became lovelier when a conversation with my sister triggered how I could make a blog about her.

I managed to make one of my best post so far according to me.

I forwarded it to her and my brother-in-law, they both loved it.

Soon after Akshita (http://akshitabblog.wordpress.com) nominated me for a blog award.

It felt as though I was awarded for my post on my sister 🙂 Akshita’s words describing me was just too overwhelmingly kind and inspiring.

Here’s what she wrote- “She could win an accolade for being the most positive person on earth, I guess! The mornings that start with her blogs are the best mornings! ” Isn’t that wonderful? I am truly greatful to her for thinking so highly about me.

The constant love, support I get from you all, only helps me get better at my goal of being a positive person spreading positivity in the world.

Well! I too sometimes give in to the harsh realities and forget how being positive is a state of mind and nothing or nobody should change that.

So, while the day went well as I was on the 9th cloud. There was a difficult situation waiting for me at home.

After a day at work I like to return to a wonderful meal, I am a foody 😉

I just dropped my jacked and bag and rushed to the kitchen all exited to discover… To be continued…


10 thoughts on “A mixture of wonderful cloud 9, irritation and enlightenment

  1. It’s always good to be good to people because you never know what they return home to! But I was not just “being good” for the sake of it! There are lesser positive souls out there! Me being a staunch critic! 😁 I always think of the negatives first! And reading your blogs are definitely a morale booster! All praise is less for you. Keep triggering the positivity in all your fellow bloggers and followers!

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    1. Thanks a bunch Akshita, honestly it means a lot 🙂 btw the task of blogger award is really amazing, it got to me too look out for my fellow bloggers many I am not in touch with as it requires a lot of dedication towards the blog. I hope to finish it soon. It’s nostalgic as I browse through my oldest followers 🙂 have a wonderful day dear

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      1. Yes it indeed is nostalgic, because you have some sort of understanding and relation with each follower you have in your blog. It took me 2-3 days as well…to complete the whole thing! I would be waiting to read yours!


      2. :)) it is taking longer than I expected but it surely is going to be fun. I may not be able to do justice to doing a write up for the ones I nominate but have planned to nominate 15 and making sure I read their blogs the day I would be sending them the good news of they being nominated 🙂 hope your day is well

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