Pain remains, pain fades away.



What a relationship she has with tears she knows not,

As she writes this a tear drop makes the written blot.

Pain remains in her heart experience in her mind endlessly,

Ironic! She contains pain yet she continues to believe and writes about being positive, happy, smiling zestfully.

Let this pain may not transfer into you lovely person reading this,

May you continue to feel loved and life full of bliss.

For I know she is feeling, learning, and while she writes she too is reading this 🙂

The salty drops shall dry soon but the sweet smile will continue to be given her art of being remiss 🙂


31 thoughts on “Pain remains, pain fades away.

      1. As the responsible one, I cannot melt often or for long. Thank you for your wishes. Today was bad in spots, but only spots. I would rather cry for beauty instead of pain.

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      1. Oh honey thank you so much Im working on a new piece a watercolor painting I will finish up in my art program and am so excited about it! I hope you are doing so good! Enjoy your time love ❤ XO!!

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      2. You are always welcome and it truly a pleasure. Waiting for my coffee and will try to read as many posts as I can 🙂 I had a fall today 😀 reminded me of childhood days and some crazy thoughts led me to cry a little but I am feeling a lot better now 🙂 you too have a good time with your art work. How is your day today ?All the best dear.

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      3. Hehehe I do that 😀 no sooner the thoughts come I welcome them attend to them and tell them to go away, be happy and let me be happy. I am so blessed to have been introduced to happiness and positivity. No pain or difficult thoughts stay for long :). I have learnt thou it’s important to give sad or upsetting thoughts some attention and then ask it to go 🙂

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      4. Experiences, time, reading and one of the Lovely sessions on positivity we had at work has got me to where I am. I am so glad I could contain it and now am doing my best to stay as positive as I can and spread as much positivity and smiles as I can 🙂


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