Nothing to say or write…


Nothing to say or write,

Somehow the wrongs I am doing is mocking my rights.

Is it just me or do we all do this,

Knowing the outcome we still look forward to ifs.

I am greatful to my smile and the never give up attitude,

I no I will rise no matter how low I am pushed from the altitudes.

I am banking on you darling Durga,

I know you will stand by me and bring me back to life…

I’ll keep going I’ll keep smiling I’ll manage to get to the move away from darkness into the light,

Today is just a day my darling it’s ok if you have Nothing to say or write.


10 thoughts on “Nothing to say or write…

  1. “knowing the outcome, we still enjoy the ifs.” I like that as it says a bunch. It’s that feelinng of love on the rocks for a moment awaiting the next ship and such is the anvil of the sun a light breeze perhaps and the lull of an ocean forever shishing around….that offer of do i want to go fishing? hell yeah i like beer! 😀

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