Three stars guiding me through


Hi all,

My lovely friend Elaine Inspired me to write about three stars today.

There is a lovely story I would like to share with you love people today.

A little girl when she was about 13/14 felt a lovely connection with starts.

She happened to look at these stars alligned one below the other diagonally.

She made a wish looking at them and to her surprise the wish came true.

Well now the little girl has turned into a lovely 32 year old women.

The journey from 14 to 32 was like anyone elses and completely unique in its own way.

While many people left, many experiences broke her and made her,

There was this one constant in her life.

The three little stars that in some crazy way made her believe could help her decide for or against.

So, today I am glad to let this secret out,

Everytime I think of something and there is this feeling in me that tells me to look up,

If I find the three little stars smiling back at me, it is kind of a sign that whatever I am thinking is going to happen.

If I have to hunt for the three stars it’s a sign that I need to look for other options and the starts are telling me the thing I am thinking about should be put away.

What’s spooky and lovely in its own crazy way, is that most of the times it is true.

While sometimes I desperately want the sign to say yes and I want to just look up and see them smile at me, but I don’t see them.

Sometimes they are there shining bright at me and as though blessing me with a Yes! Blessing me as though it’s granting me a wish.

The feeling I get at that point is a feeling like none.

Butterflies in my stomach, broad smile hurting my check 🙂 and taking me to the highest level of being elated.

So here’s the story of a little girl who lived in her little world where just a mere coincidence of starts being there or not, helped her take decisions.

And here’s a story that continues to be story of her life….

Dreamy as it may be, I still enjoy the craziness of my three little stars guiding me through.

Hope you guys like this little story of the little girl who still resides in me 🙂


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