Wonderful is an understatement…. Just fell in love with this post. Oh any girl would fall for a guy saying this. How beautifully expressed

a k o s i l e

I thought you look beautiful

But that’s not lovely enough

To describe the elegance of your ensemble

Or the fine reality of moments with you

You have blossomed magnificently

Like a superb carving of budding orchids

I thought you look excellent

But that’s not wonderful enough

To describe the ornate movement of your members

Or the fragile sensible twerks you make

Your motions are crafted perfectly

Like water from a virgin spring water

I thought you look alluring

But that’s not delicate enough

To describe your alluring attitude

Or the multitude of your subtle differences

You have shown that nothing

Is charming until it’s different


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4 thoughts on “Charm

    1. Oh yes! One of the bloggers in my list posted it. It’s so wonderful I fell in love with it instantly. Hence the reblog. 🙂 You too I must copy paste and say are a breath of fresh air. I get really good vibes from you. I am so glad we connected here

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