Impact that we can make thru our words and thoughts..


The power our thoughts and words have on ourselves and people we interact with directly or indirectly is unexplainable.

My knowledge about how I spoke with myself and others didn’t have much of a meaning untill I was introduced to Masaru Emoto’s experiment whiv shows human consciousness having effect on the molecular structure of water.

Things we speak under influence of negative emotions or positive emotions to ourselves and others probably just appeared to be a reaction which is normal.

This experiment and the outcome blew me off and somehow changed my whole approach towards myself and others.

So, to put the article in nutshell in layman’s terms the experiment consists of blessing and cursing water portions collected from different parts of the world.

Post the above task is done the samples of water are frozen in order to have crystals that can be observed under microscope.

Amazingly below was the outcome of the blessing and cursing act.


It doesn’t stop at this, we all know that .71% of earth is covered with water and 50 – 65% of human body consists of water…. Need i say more?

So, now whenever the pain in me makes me feel, think or speak negative, no sooner I realise it I make sure I replace it with positives 🙂 hope you would do the same…


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