Rolling drops and shooting star…


That little star you were just about getting ready to get to twinkle,

Oh came the dark clouds dashing the thunder.

I so wish I could let you start off and may be by today you would have been so big and bright,

Everytime I see a star I miss you dear I wish I could let you twinkle and I could have hugged you tight.

While the rolling drops get settled and the time makes it dry,

The sun shines, the birds fly, the lovely winds blow and it would even snow.

Although you were dropped before you could start to twinkle I still smile,

For falling stars are considered lucky and everytime I see one I’ll remember you and smile.

I am unsure if any would be able to relate to the above poem but I hope you all like it.

Take care and keep smiling,



24 thoughts on “Rolling drops and shooting star…

      1. I feel you friend, but let me tell you dear if it weren’t for pain how could one enjoy the pleasure to the fullest. It’s a feeling like none when there is this mesmerising light at the end of the tunnel 🙂 I am soooo happieeee today. All thanks to music and of course my childish mid hehehe 🙂 may this happiness doubles up and get spread in this whole universe…


    1. Hehehe I kept looking for a picture that would fit. And there she was.. 🙂 I love being positive and happy, but I’ve realised some of the best thoughts and write ups come from pain. But I am glad I don’t live in pain for long anymore. I am truly greatful you like it 🙂

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