Meet me or meet me :D


Confused but I make choices.

I am Alone but never lonely.

I cry when I am happy I cry when I am sad.

I smile when something awful happens I smile when something amazing happens.

I am too bold to fathom I am sometimes too shy.

I listen like nobodys business and I am a chatter box.

I think too much I sometimes stare in blank space with no thoughts whatsoever.

I walk too fast I eat too slow.

I love music I enjoy silence.

I forgive too easily I am hurt for reasons unknown to me.

I find love so fast I loose love without notice.

I have a memory capacity of Einstein I happen to have short term memory loss.

My sense of humour is bad I laugh unstoppable.

I love too many I love too much.

I drown in negativity I rise in positivity.

I am a wonder who wanders.

Meet me…


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