I would like to be someone i didn’t have


When the heart was stabbed by the person residing in it she felt she died,

Those long days and cold nights lonely, tired and drunk all night she cried.

Ugly, worthless, unloved and non deserving she felt,

No family, no friends, no well wishers words helped, pain is all that was there to be dealt.

It’s best to end the self-loathing life is all that ran in her mind,

How could anyone help her when the negativity and loss of love had made her blind.

All I want is to be there for her and that’s the journey I am on,

I’ve made her the most beautiful, loved, peaceful and she knows now to smile and move on 🙂

May you all find that person you need in your self hope that you be the person you always wanted,

If truly believe some day I would be the top gear for many who’s life seem to have halted.

Have a wonderful day 🙂


14 thoughts on “I would like to be someone i didn’t have

  1. I agree….this is beautiful and wonderful…one special person can make such an incredible difference…and, you are right, the key is to find and hang on to the hope that one will not feel isolated and lonely forever…time changes things…thanks for sharing you lovely, heartfelt offering 🙂

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