Meet 3 of my closest friends


Hi All,

Happy Christmas and New Year to all 🙂

May you all be blessed with good health, peace of mind, content and love.

I’ve not been writing for sometime now and part of the reason are the three people in the picture 😆

I had gone on a 2 day trip with 2 of the beautiful girls on the right, Rebecca and megleta.

I will resume working on Tuesday and will get back on track with my daily posts 🙂

Till then keep smiling and spread the love you all.

See you soon 🙂





12 thoughts on “Meet 3 of my closest friends

      1. thank you so much! and that is very very kind of you and them! Im so glad you have had a nice few days away with them! keep smiling pretty baby!! the world is a better place to have you in it! ❤

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    1. Of course fluffy steps I am so glad that 2016 picked up speed on my journey of being Peaceful, a better peraon and gaining control over low and negative emotions 🙂 I am certain to have a wonderful 2017 too 🙂 may you have a wonderful year dear. Take care 😄

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