To frown or to smile???


I came across these emotions below that reminded me of some of the famous people, some strangers, people at work, my family members, my sister, Mom, long lost friends and partners, people who are very close to me and ME.

Inferior, Insulted, Invalidated, Mocked, Resentful, Ridiculed, Underestimated
Worthless, Imprisoned, Inhibited, Invaded, Manipulated, Abandoned
Alone, Confused, Discouraged, Ignored, Insignificant, Left out, Lonely, Misunderstood, Neglected, Rejected, Unwanted, Accused, Blamed, Cheated, Disbelieved, Judged, Misled, Punished, Abused, Attacked, Afraid……

It brought back the severe ache my heart contained…..

And then came a night I saw a shooting star and made a single wish 🌠

” Keep everyone happy, content and strong”

Suddenly all I saw around me was the below emotions.

Trust, Able, Abundant, Accelerated, Accepted, Accomplished, Accountable, Adaptable, Adequate, Admirable, Admired, Adored, Ambitious, Amenable, Appreciated, Assured, Beautiful, Believing, Blessed, Blissful, Bonded, Brave, Calm, Capable, Caring, Cheerful, Cherished, Comforted, Compassionate, Composed, Confident, Connected, Cooperative, Courageous, Credible, Daring, Decisive, Delighted, Dependable, Desirable, Dignified, Discerning, Disciplined, Dutiful, Elated Elegant, Empowered, Encouraged, Enthusiastic, Euphoric, Exceptional, Exuberant, Faith, Fantastic, Forgiven, Fortified, Fortunate, Free, Friendly, Fulfilled, Gentle, Genuine, Gifted, Gracious, Gratified, Harmonious, Healed, Helpful, Heroic, Honest, Hopeful, Humble, Humorous, Important, Independent, Innocent, Inspired, Intelligent, Interested, Invigorated, Invited, Jovial, Joyful, Kind, Learning, Liberated, Loved, Loyal, Lucky, Pampered, Pardoned, Passionate, Patient, Peaceful, Respected, Strong, Successful, Trust, Understood…

Sitting here I am wondering would there be many or none wishing my wish comes true upon a 🌠

I’ll tell you this, and please listen close,

It’s for you to know it’s for you to decide.

Would you make my wish come true or would you want it otherwise,

Positivity or negativity, happiness or sadness was, is will always be a choice.

Which choice are you going to make?

Would you make my wish come true or would you want it otherwise….



44 thoughts on “To frown or to smile???

    1. Hey hi, it is a pleasure, I too would be checking your posts soon. I believe in comments over like so only once I have thoroughly read it, I’d be sure to let you know how I felt about your posts πŸ™‚ I am glad you liked my post. Btw my day is going well as most of the days do πŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey! That’s such a wonderful thing to say. Just about something I wanted I hear. πŸ™‚ I’ll be honest with you, I am greatful to people hitting the like button on posts, but adding a personal tough to the post can only come from commenting. I am so glad I got to connect with you. Hve a wonderful day dear, I’ll be sure to visit your blog’s and comment


  1. Thanks for coming by!
    Um, “Keep everyone happy” sounds good, but one has to be perfect for that, and since most people aren’t, they give up on the “everyone” or they’ll get depressed. This is the advise from an expert (Psy.D) – a few, is more doable, so you can also keep your own priorities, goals, etc. Have a great Christmas season.

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    1. I agree Marie. I hope the same. I’ll surely comment once I read your post. I don’t believe in just liking without reading unless it’s a painting or picture. So, I’ll be sure to comment when I read your post dear. I am glad we have connected

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you Durga. I wouldn’t want you to like posts without reading – that wouldn’t achieve much and would give a false impression. I know it can be time consuming having to read a lot of posts, so I look forward to a ‘like’ when you get the time. Thank you dear:)

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