Happy to be me


As free as a bird could be,

I would continue to be.

As determined as a child could get,

So much would my persistence exit.

Fearless as a person who has lost it all,

As much bold and fearless will I be no matter the fall.

Love like the first love passion like it’s the only one and has ever been,

Will I want to love and show compassion like none felt or seen.

This is who I’ve always been that’s how I would always want to continue to be,

Be it difficult to times or discomfort things turn out to be.

Lost soul as I could get so much peaceful I intend to be and pass on the positive vibes to thee.

Have a wonderful day to you all reading this and the ones who don’t šŸ™‚




16 thoughts on “Happy to be me

      1. It seems you don’t need any external force that could induce positivity in you! But it does seem that you are an emerging external force to induce positivity in people! Always Happy to read your posts!

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      2. Oh my! That is such a sweet thing to say. You have no idea how important it is to me. It’s very encouraging and a feeling that probably can’t be explained, when someone puts so much of trust and belief in you. It’s nice to have you speak so highly about me and the post. Thank you dear you are really kind and thoughtful. Have a great day šŸ™‚

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