Thoughtless thoughts

So many thoughts and wondering what to write on….

Does unconditional love exist anywhere other than a mother and child relation.

Is the most selfless person also being selfish sometimes

Can kindness be present when unkindness and ruthless encountered

Why do some of us behave inconsiderate only with the ones we love the most

How is it that some understand us more than we expect and the ones we expect to understand us do exactly the opposite

Can true peace n happiness be attained when all that we witness most of the times is crime, betrayals, manipulation

Is the person we dislike the most also loveable to someone

Does sharing problem actually reduce the sorrow

When we tell someone to not share the secrets aren’t we opening doors to grape wine

Do we remember more of our trials over the wonderful times we have experienced too

Do we really always have a choice and even if we do are we fully satisfied with the choices we make….

To be continued


20 thoughts on “Thoughtless thoughts

  1. These are definitely very thought-provoking thoughts, not “thoughtless” at all! If only I can give you the answers to these questions. Let us know if you discover the answers one day! I am curious myself. 😉

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  2. I could read this over and over and my answers may differ each time..what it all comes down to I think is our own attitude…so many really good questions Durga. I love the way your mind works right along side of your heart its just beautiful! XO!!

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    1. Sometimes it’s the questions that matter. 🙂 But yes a lot of answers I have found and a lot will come to me when it’s time for me to pick cues 🙂 world is always giving us answers it’s what time we are ready to receive it 🙂 thank you for stopping by and commenting have a great day 🙂


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