For you wonderful people

Hi all,

I thought of writing for all my followers and the ones who are not.

Over the period of time I have come accross people who are very happy and some deeply hurt,

There are wonderful poems written about hardships and some speaking about how wonderful their life is,

It’s amazing to read heart felt joy and gets me emotional to read about neverending pain.

Some have even written about their journey, breath taking pictures, drawings and so on.

Today I wanted to take time to thank you all for sharing such wonderful experiences, ideas and also for sharing the lows.

All I want is to somehow someday be a part of your lives making a positive difference.

Let me tell you all, low or high you are beautiful hearts and having the time, mind and heart to pen down thoughts isn’t an easy task.

So, let’s know one thing for sure you are making a difference in my life and I hope I manage to do the same.

May you all continue to be happy and smile.

May you troubles not let you lose hope and faith in the fact that everything is going to be alright.

Who know some day the pain would fade away and I would read how wonderful life has become πŸ™‚

People who are blessed with a wonderful life already I am happy for you guys and may you always feel the gratitude.

All I am trying to convey is happy posts brings me happiness and trial posts brings me to wish for you. So, either way I am sure the vibes someday would make all happy and wishful happiness.

Have a wonderful day you all πŸ™‚


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