Feeling of being fortunate

Thinking about people passing by the coffee shop a thought occurred to me…

What good is a good thought if not shared 🙂

Looking at the faces It just occurred to me how many difficult battles or abundant joy would be going on behind the expression less faces.

Suddenly I remembered a statement my mom once made upon my upset state of loosing a new pair of jeans while travelling.

She said ” it’s just a pair of jeans, we have lost the most important thing in life, your dad”.

I admire that women who raised 2 successful girls as a widow at the age of 28 odd.

I have always learnt never give up attitude, letting go and most of all being strong, from the hero of my life, my MOM.

I would like to remind myself and pass it on to you guys, a rule one should never forget,

There is no battle that can’t be fought, no trial that doesn’t pass.

It’s finding happiness in small things and aiming to get better that makes things easier.

So, when I feel the absence of something in my life, I try to remember the presence of things that keeps me alive.

Fact of life is it would always gift us with difficulties and impossible times,

But let me assure you life also gifts us with beautiful surprises too.

So in times of difficulties remember how more difficult times passed,

And in times of happiness remember life is too short to worry but live the happy moments to the fullest.

May the feeling of being fortunate always be with me and you all.

Have a wonderful day 🙂 keep smiling
For a smile can change anything



45 thoughts on “Feeling of being fortunate

  1. It is indeed so very painful to lose a spouse at such a young age and it takes tremendous grit to come out of the sorrow and raise children in such a way not to feel their absence.
    And the children too…they have their share of grief and sorrow and the pain of seeing their parent slogging to bring up them up.


    1. Wow! That is one of the most kind responses I’ve received. I am soooo happy it made a difference. Thanks a bunch darling it means a lot to hear this. You made my day. I am smiling as I type. Have a wonderful day and keep smiling 🙂

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  2. i feel happy today meeting u with this blog! you have a profound thought..i too at times felt the same, while looking at people’s face. Keep writing. I have best found in my blogging world , and today i found one more!!

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  3. You once again have made my heart so full Durga as you always do!! Beautifully written, wonderfully expressed, heart warming the strength that can come from such a loss, just such a touching and truly powerful post thank you so much for sharing this. XO! 28 years old…the human spirit is just incredible! How amazing a mother she must be!

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  4. I’m sorry you lost your father so early. And I’m so happy your mom is your hero. She should be! Nothing in this world is so important as a good mother. I love the true, positive thoughts you express here. Best wishes to you in everything.

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    1. Hey roger, it’s very kind of you to comment. Oh don’t be sorry, I don’t quite remember him and I guess it was for good, I truly believe everything happens for a reason and it always happens for good. 🙂 Good for my dad as he got to a better place early in his life, good for my mom as it made her realise how strong she can be, good for my sis and me as we probably couldn’t have got a better upbringing than what we got from our mother :). I am really thankful for your wishes. Best wishes for you in everything too 🙂


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