May you wish and hope it comes true :)

Observing the so called bad world laughing and mocking,

My wish is to have a sense of humour and keep smiling.

Today I felt lonely, lost and cheated,

My wish is to be able to embrace myself and have the power to withstand.

There are these moments when the high is turned into low,

My wish is to remind my heart, it’s going to be ok just take it slow.

It’s strange how wishes work for me as I am already smiling,

All i wish is, I pass this on to one and all and assure them that all we need to know is we are still breathing and all we need is a little faith in wishing


17 thoughts on “May you wish and hope it comes true :)

      1. Hey! Not at all, I can be a little difficult to be understood and the discussion between athiests, believers and agnostics could get lengthy and ongoing :), I believe in vibes, karma and doing good. So when I wish I am just sending the vibes to the universe 🙂

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