Apart yet together, painful but sweet

You come nearer I push you farther, you are away I miss you and need you here.

In the dreamland you are only mine and I am yours forever,

When it comes to reality every word of assurance is followed by however.

It’s said friends can always be lovers but lovers can never become friends again,

It was just bad timing we met so late, alive we could never be together may be after life we’ll meet again.

Tears in my eyes lump in my throat I ask you to let me go and I need to let you be,

It’s ok we cannot be together we could just exist may be.

I’ll be the light in your darkness you be the one to take away sadness and gift me glee.

For tonight and everyday I’ll be your silent soulmate and you could pretend to not know of my existence and let us just be.

For some relations can never be named and some could never be fulfilled. We could just be eachothers light in darkness we could make each other smile when the other is lost in frowns.


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