Flowers needs rock

Somehow when the child said those words I knew it I would like to write about it.

I spent days wondering what to right on flowers needs rock, in desperation even googled to get some inspiration but failed.

Once again I would like to give credit to my coffee time and music that makes me smile.

There is was the idea on my interpretation of flowers needs rock.

One of my mentor, friend who is very dear to me, is going thru a rough time emotionally which kind of makes a little unsettled too.

All my beliefs on being positive, doing good, being peaceful sometimes can be challenged for a while and it seemd it was the time I was mocked by me.

But then it struck me even flowers need rock πŸ™‚

In a world of colourful flowers of bliss that I am in more often probably needs some rocky moments too.

It helps me be more greatful of the wonderful life I have and also helps me give a shoulder of assurance to the ones yet to attain it.

So here I am ensuring that I continue to pep my friend that all is going to be ok.

In the world where we mostly have people say this is how life is, unfair and difficult, I can say with no second thoughts all is going to be ok.

I am glad to have had tough times that made me stronger, humble, forgiving, kind, find happiness in small things and be greatful to have found peace in myself.

And then the once in a while rocking moments just reminds me of how I overcame difficulties like many others.

Assuring all that all is going to be ok and remember hardships is a gift that makes you stronger and offers you that high moment when the storm is passed and u stand tall after all πŸ™‚

I hope it makes sense to my readers and I hope I am able to pass a message here when I say flowers also needs rock πŸ™‚

Have a wonderful day you beautiful people and always remember change is the only constant be it days of flowers or rocks πŸ™‚







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