Walking down the memory lane

You are now shown two paths to chose that would need to be taken,

One is to embrace all the pain, struggles and bitterness, be the reason to be miserable, unkind and broken.

The second one is to be grateful to the difficult times as it’s sometimes darkness that helps determine how wonderful light is.

Only so much pain, distrust, failures, abandonment can probably show you what the worth of happiness, trusting, accomplishments, acceptance is.

So, she takes the route that is easier and remains in darkness, bitterness, anger and distrust,

Only to one day realise all she is doing is returning what she received and was always experiencing thrust,

Looking at the damage she was unintentionally doing in the name of this is me,

She realised it’s time she does what she always was deprived of and started looking at things darkness couldn’t see.

So, now let me tell you I didn’t mean to remind of the trials or speak about how difficult life could be

All I want to tell you is if I can, everybody can take the path of happiness, love and peace, only difference I hope to see is you don’t take as long as I did.

As this path is difficult, exhausting and sometimes could make you feel a lot weighed,

But the feeling you get is so amazing and uplifting all you remain with is the search of ways to aid,

So, the choice is always there and it’s to be made,

To look for the darkness or to search for the light, to get to positive change or be afraid.

Have a wonderful peaceful day full of smiles


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