Walking down the memory lane

Too many thoughts rushed in my mind walking down the memory lane.

People i can never forget, the ones who showered me with love and some gifted me pain.

It is said one of the most important thing to have is a good childhood and somebody to have trust in you,

What does one do when that’s not what one geta and the mirror only tells how ugly are you.

When all you are reminded off by the ones you love the most,

You are a looser, ugly, worthless and can never be loved, soon you realise you are grown with it and all you become is clueless and lost.

When the pain keeps piling up and pain comes dressed in hope of light,

It is soon discovered the battle has not yet begun there is lot more u need to fight.

Wounded with betrayals, dismissal, abandonment and failures you are prepared to give in,

The easiest option available pulls you towards it and points out towards caving in.

The only light of hope is seen in sleeping pills or may be a sharp blade,

You then resort to close your eyes tight and surrender to the bleeding veins.

Bad enough you are found alive,

And life mocks at you and curses you that you survive.

To be continued…..


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