Lost, confused, in the donno land

….. Don’t quiet know where I am today. However, I felt like posting this.

Unsurity of low or high, too many thoughts of what thoughts do I have.

It’s a crazy state of being and not being.

I am hanging on to the known that tells me there is nothing wrong,

I am letting the day pass saying it’s not always necessary to be miss know it all.

The likes, comments and follows as thou asking me what do you have today,

The feeling of nothingness and confusion has kept my writings away.

Something thou is whispering in my ears all is going to be ok and tomorrow is going to be a different day.

So, I hope I come up with something to write something for you all to take away.

Till then have a wonder day you wonderful people helping me to not be away from writing for long 🙂



45 thoughts on “Lost, confused, in the donno land

  1. Its days like this that build you more appreciation for the good ones…not everyday is a good day but there is always something good in the day, that being that you wrote this post to us all! Just breathe Durga we are all holding your hand! XO!

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    1. It is soooo sweet of you to say these words. Thankfully there isn’t anything specific that is going on, may be the change sometimes get overwhelming but I agree with you that everyday may not be good but there surely is a lot good that happens everyday, that and people like you keep me going. Needless to say I am so glad I have you. May you and all continue to be positive happy and inspiring always 🙂

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  2. It’s okay to be away when you have nothing to say. We all need a rest from life’s daily test. Just remember we’re near and for you we cheer!… and when you come back, we’ll all be here. So when you’re confused with no clue where to start, keep in mind it’s for you we care with all our hearts. It’s easy to forget, when all feels lost, when you feel down and up and thrown and tossed. But when you find a way back, you’ll see it’s true: we’ve been here all along and we’ve been smiling for you. 🙂

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    1. Sure! I am so glad I have so many people who care for me. Surprising I have never met them or had long conversations. I am fortunate to experience such wonderful moments. My day already is better 🙂 and rightly enough today is a new day 🙂


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