Dance my darling, Dance :)

When the the rain falls on you and you have somewhere to go,

May the rain not bother you instead I hope you feel the need to dance.

When you are dancing so gracefully you happen to fall and all eyes are on you,

May you make that fall your part of the dance and you continue to dance.

When listening to a music it reminds you of a painful memory,

May the tunes of the song become over compelling to dance.

When the confusion of to be or not to be I hope you chose to be,

Whenever you are given a choice to sit or dance, I hope you dance


47 thoughts on “Dance my darling, Dance :)

      1. the lyric coming to mind was ” what ya doin on your back, what you doin on your back?… you should be dancing…yeah.- now that song is somewhere out there when i was just getting to elementary school so lol I remember it as it surely would have been in rotations for a few years on radio past it being a “hit” but uh, I’m not a disco dude. i have to laughing bring up bob seeger…”don’t try to take me to a DIS co… you’ll never even get me out on the floor. in ten minutes i’ll be late for the door, start playing old time rock and roll.” but while both tunes are fairly catchy in their ways 🙂 i was enjoying bring up some bee gee because i would associate seeger with classic rock…not dancing. or FINE! I’ll play some dancin music and…allude there by that i might tap the feet. 🙂

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