Silent mind peaceful heart

Sometimes mind gets silent and today is such a day.

I somehow am in the nothingness land

Isn’t it good sometimes to be in a state there is nothing to think about

May be yes may be no, but hopefully I’ll get something to share after a while

Till then all I have is blessings for you all and hope that you all have a wonderful day 🙂


31 thoughts on “Silent mind peaceful heart

  1. Sometimes in quietness we find the things that matter were right there in front of our face only we didn’t see them cause life was at zero to sixty foot to the pedal. Come out nothingness land . Everything you need is right there in front eyes .

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    1. It’s very kind of you to write and comment. I do agree with you 🙂 hope i don’t remain in nothingness land for long whenever I go there. It was just one of those days I was there. I keep getting in and out of it 🙂 lesser times now than before thou, so I am glad 🙂


      1. Your so very welcome. We all go there sometimes and as a matter of fact I’m there right now but we can’t stay there long or sink deeper and deeper to abyss that doesn’t forgive. Talk to me and me what’s wrong. Sometimes it’s all need is someone to talk too to bring out of nothingness land

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